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We guarantee that our products meet your requirements but what makes us unique is that we always strive to exceed your expectations in providing high quality products and services.

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We have been serving premium quality fuel across the United Arab Emirates since our commencement with well-trained workers and well-equipped facilities.
We are one of UAE’s leading distributors of 10ppm diesel and petroleum products with fully integrated service.
Red Falcon Diesel & Petroleum Products Tr. LLC.

About Us

Red Falcon Diesel & Petroleum Products Tr. LLC


Supplier of low sulphur 10 ppm Diesel and petroleum products.

Red Falcon Diesel and petroleum, a company having over 3 decades of experience and expertise in supplying of Low-Sulphur diesel across United Arab Emirates.
Over this span of time, we have provided diesel for many projects of strategic importance across UAE ranging from IMG WORLD, Fountain view, new fish market and many more.
We strive to provide our customers with the best services 24/7, directly to their sites which has enabled us to be pre-eminent and maintain a healthy relationship with our clients over the years.

Excellence in Diesel Trading & other Petroleum Products.

Our Products

Base Oil

Base oil is typically defined as oil with a boiling point range between 550 and 1050 F.

Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil, Also Called Furnace Oil, Fuel Consisting Mainly Of Residues From Crude-Oil

Gas Oil

The Crude Oil Pumped Out­ Of The Ground Is A Black Liquid Called Petroleum.

Diesel fuel

10 ppm, below 500 ppm, below 1000 ppm Diesel Provider all over the UAE.

Black Diesel

Black Diesel is a fuel made from used motor oil, automatic transmission fluid, hydraulic oil even gear oil.

Gas Oil

The Crude Oil Pumped Out­ Of The Ground Is A Black Liquid Called Petroleum.

Red Falcon Diesel & Petroleum Provides Premium Low Sulphur 10 ppm Diesel meets uae’s standard specifications.

We have expertise in Refuelling / Refilling Low-Sulphur 10ppm diesel across industries like.

  •  Transport
  •  Construction
  •  Heavy Equipment rental division
  •  Marine / maintenance division
  •  Power Generators
  •  Power plant and chiller
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Power House
  •  Fisheries and production unit
  •  Laundry burners and machineries
  •  Cleaning equipment and car service division
  •  Expensive trucks and transporting equipment.

Our Projects

Bloom Marina

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Ghurair

Dubai, UAE


Dubai, UAE

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